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Blitz EBC installed

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With thanks to FastMatt and Dynamic Racing.. my EBC is in, minus my little mistakes here and there... long story, see new boost mod thread. The car pulls like crazy now, and the difference is amazing! 110% worth every penny!

Unit installed is Blitz SBC DC, very easy to use, I learned it in a day. And all I have to say is WOW. This weekend should definitely be in the 13's! Gonna wait on the slicks though, dont want to go too fast with the spending... :wink:

However did notice when running around 16lbs, if the controller spikes even the slightest bit, the ECU drops the boost somehow itself, and Matt is going to try something to the car to hopefully clear that problem, see if a steady 16-17lbs is possible all the way to redline. If running 15 lbs or under, it stays steady BTW, no drop by the ECU...

I got some pics (nighttime of the control unit, and with flash...
this one is kinda cool, whole center console with EBC and rad detector at the bottom little blurry but then again it's an almost 0 lux pic =)

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