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The buzzing sound has happened off and on for a few days now. Sometimes when i put the key in, and turn it to the "run" position, there is a buzzing sound. Take the key out and try again, and sometimes it happens sometimes it doesnt. Kinda weird, but not TOO concerned cuz car still runs

Today, i went to buy a pack of cigs, and came back out to the car, got inside, and turned it on. ALL lights (heads, turns, brakes, etc) started to flash, almost like hazards, BUT hazard button wasnt on. Also, they werent lighting up to full intensity. Pulled open the fuse panel and started playin around, nothing worked. Opened the hood, opened up the fuse box, and magically they all stopped.

Now a few months ago, i had a problem with my instruments not working. Again i started playin with fuses and they magically started to work again.

Electrical mods include new receiver, amp, and a tt. nothing else.

relay going bad?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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