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Big Wheel S3 44lb vs. 49lb

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just researching and seeing if i can find out any information on the pros and cons on the difference in the 2 sizes of seems the 44 you dont lose the low end torque but doesnt have the same punch till redline...and the 49 you will lose the low end torque but make it up in top end power

my cars has full bolt ons with s3r work from fnf tuned on dtec and running bc s2's
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i dont think anyone know the power difference in the 2 right now, but i will have some results of mine pretty soon...
Talk to Pettyracing he has the 49lbs wheel shits quick as hell
who makes the 49lb?
who makes the 49lb?
I could see going with a 44lb wheel but Why bother with a 49 lb wheel in the stage 3 just get a 50 trim.
I've got the 44 lb wheel on mine along with the Realtune Exhaust Mani/porting. There is a HUGE difference between the stock S3 wheel and the 44lb wheel. I haven't dyno'd it yet, but the scan gauge is saying 465HP on a 3rd gear!
But I wish I could compare the 49lb wheel with the 44lb wheel to see how different spool times are and top end power levels. I get slight surge with the 44lb wheel at a little over 1/4 throttle, I can only imagine what the 49lb wheel is like.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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