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O.K. here i go......
I drive a 240 ton cat dump truck and it has a cat motor init that has 16 cyls and 4 turbos but it's a diesel, I'm just wondering if a sprayer system would work on this type of a motor? There is no I/C like are cars.
Just some info on the truck, cost is $2,600,000 and top end in 6 gear is 32mph, it burns about 1000 gallons of fuel in 24 hours, tires are 12 feet tall and cost $25,000.00 each, truck is 42 feet long 24 feet wide and 30 feet tall and it will knock a fully loaded train off the tracks and not even hardly feel it (been there) all i got was a flat tire in the back. And you can run over a pickup truck and not even know it. It will flatten it like a pancake.
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