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Eibachs on a SRT-4: Front: -1.6" Rear: -1.8"

Hotchkis Drop: Front: -15/16" Rear: -1 3/4"
Spring Rates: Front 230 lbs/in Rear 200 lbs/in

Tein S Tech Spring Ride Hight: Front: -1.8" Rear: -2"
Spring Rates: Front: 201 lbs/in Rear: 196 lbs/in

Tein H Tech Spring Drop : Front: -1.2" Rear: -1.5"
Spring Rate: Front:173 lbs/in Rear:168 lbs/in

As you can see the tein s tech's will drop the car a little bit more than the h tech's. They also have a more agressive spring rate which will stiffen up the ride a little bit more. The Tein S Tech's and the Eibachs are by far our most popular spring.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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