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Bad PCV Valve?

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Poking around under the car the other day I noticed oil hanging from the rubber hose on the outlet side of the intercooler. I checked around hoping it was splashed up from the road, but no. I took the hose off and about 2-3 tablespoons of oil dripped out. I started to get very worried because oil in the IC usually means 1 thing: bad turbo seal. :cry: It also means the IC isn't worth a dime. I took the hose off the inlet side and fortunately it was bone dry. :D

The only place the oil could come from (AFAIK) is the PCV valve, which has a tube that runs down to the intake tube near the TB. I took the valve out and it rattles, but I'm not convinced. I'll have it replaced and keep you updated.

BTW, if that hose connection will allow oil to pass, I'm sure it's leaking air too. The hose clamps are stapled to the hose! That's where the oil was dripping from.
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Isn't the purpose of the PCV ( pos crankcase vent) to allow air to pass thru at certain vac levels?
its a common thing on 2nd gen Neons...i guess SRT included
Oil at the IC connection

I noticed the same thing and wiped the oil off around the clamp. Haven't been back under to look since.
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