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Hey.. I'm new to this whole srt-4... I Just got a red 04 srt-4...26000 miles.. put a cold air and wastegate actuator in it... my car backfires in high rpms sometimes in 3rd 4th and 5th gear... any reason.. or is that normal? cause it slows my car down when it does that which doesn't seem to good
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Boost cut/fuel cut how much psi are you running. stage 0 anything over 18psi you will hit fuel cut.
what he said /\/\
and make sure the boost gauge is zeroed out when the car is off:thumbsup:
or the reading will be off by however the gauge is off
either that or you need to regap those plugs:thumbsup:
well.. the 0 on my boost gauge has like a gray marker above it.. its not exactly in the middle of it.. but its on on that gray marker... and it hits aroudn 17 psi... regap what plugs?
the headlight plugs...they need to be recalibrated so you dont lean the engine out.

haha jp meng he is talking about the spark plugs. Re-gap them to .035 to .040 for near stock
the elusive fuel cut....every body has that problem man, your should hear mine....
going w/ plugs, know if they've ever been changed or gapped before? the ones on my car were blown open to almost .070 (stock is supposed to be around .050 and higher boost, .035 is recommended).

since then i've run upwards of 18-20psi a few times w/ no issues, until the check engine light comes on. i wouldn't recommend this high of boost w/o other fuel mods.
Its kind of a toss up, if what you are describing is fuel cut then turn the boost down, get a map clamp, or get used to it but it does suck for sure. I turned the boost down on my car just one thread on the WGA and it has never happened again since. But as far as just regular back firing goes...your not alone
new plugs/wires. gap plugs to .035-.038 and you'll be good.
fix it yet?
Not yet.. I'm going to go with bringing down my boost a little.. just got to get a boost controller now..
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