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Axles... *sigh*

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Alright, so I have seen some other people have had this issue too... the band on the inner CV boot fell off of my passenger side axle.. Thus, throwing grease everywhere etc.. I took all the peices to the dealership and they put it back together for me and I put it back on the car... 2 days later, same deal.. So I am thinking I am going to have to buy a new axle >.< Question is, other than the 800 dollar 550hp axle, what do you guys suggest? I know Modern sells the Mopar OEM axles for like 130, are these any good?! Anyone know what causes this to happen!!
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im in the exact same boat as you man my pass axle did the same shit and now i have to replace both of them
I've replaced mine a total of 3 times...i think...and as for the dss axles, i have heard nothing but bad news! Plus $800 is a pretty big chunck of change.
So the Mopar OEM ones are the best bet? I know the dealer wants 300 each side...
I have personally seen the OEM 04 axles hold over 300hp and 125 shot of gas out of the hole on slicks at the track.

So OEM seem to be fine w/ me.
Not for $300 a peice though. Go to S&P i think, and they have them for about $150 a peice. This is what i've heard, so someone correct me if im wrong.

Here's the website:
Any difference between S&P's and ModernPerformance's?
Probably none, S&P is a dealer and modern sources through a dealer for theirs
New to these but the old mopars had adjustable motor mount for shifting the engine side to side maybe adjusted to one side?

also do you have stock mounts? maybe they are weak alowing the engine to rotate away from the spindles making the axles have to reach further?

Hey, just a thought
I will have to look at that. This is all custom work, I swapped a 2003 SRT-4 into my 98 Neon R/T... so I think its all tweekage here and there...
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