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Avic D3 bypass

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not sure if anyone has posted this yet installed this in a customers car about a month ago could not figure out how to bypass the stupid speed sensor. I played with the d3 for awhile i came to the conclusion you can just not stick the nav disc in and forget the nav and the dvds will play all day long but as soon as you stick the nav disk in your screwed when you go above 5 mph. Well that is now a thing of the past on the d3 harness there is a yellow and black wire "mute wire" un pin it the re pin it to the slot that is right above it then ground that along with your parking break wire to a good ground and now you can use your nav and dvds without a worry.
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thanks for the tip man, I actually have an install for one of these coming up in a few days in one of my buddies cars. He's been bugging the shit out of me to see if there was a bypass like the solder trick with the N2s. Thanks for doing my homework for me! has all the info on avics youll ever need man
thanks for the site, I don't do to many Pioneer screens at my shop, but this will definitely help out in the future.
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