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I feel so bad for all of you rushing to get an SRT-4. I have had mine for 3 weeks now, and the dealership I bought mine at has had a yellow one front and center on the lot every time I drive past. They were easy to deal with if you talk on the net - they don't know about the demand. Their goal price is ~$19,500 so when I got $19,800 - they had no problem. They also have one black and one silver. They had 5 to start, and now they have 3. The only other one was black also, (the same as mine) and another guy in town bought it almost a week before I did. So the two of us just cruise and bring havoc to the riced out hondas and such on our local strip.
It's great fun. I spanked a little mustang, he pulled ahead of me from a stoplight, and so I pushed past him, and then he floored it past me by about a car until I really stomped it and left him dazed and confused as to what I was hiding in my little "neon".

Anyone in AZ or NV or CA who is dying - it might be worth it to you to ask. I live in Palm Springs.
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