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athens Ga area

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just woundering if anyone meets around the athens area. i live in commerce. i know about the meets in ATL but thats just a little far for me to drive especially since my wife and son will probably be with me. so are there ever any meets over this way? i kow there are several srt's in athens area. im driving the '04 black with MSR 047 rims and a really loud BDJ dump exhaust as of last weekend. stock exhaust for sale or trade by the way. sorry to ramble on its late and im board. any way if your in the athens area post your info and maybe we can arange a meet.
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Hey man, I'm not in your area but I think it would be great if you could try and make it to one of the Atlanta meets. I'm hoping to try and have some more things planned for this next one. There are a few people that make a good drive to make the Atlanta meets :thumbsup:
if i knew when and where in advance i might be able to plan for it. where at in atlanta do you usually meet?(i.e. north,south,east,west) i really want to see some other srt's and see mods in person instead of just reading about them. i thinking of rolling my back bumper but would like to see one in pearson befor i do it.
Well the past meets we've had have been at the Varsity in downtown Atlanta. If you're looking for mod ideas, the monthly meets is a great way for you to do that. Be on the look out for the next meet thread coming up :thumbsup:
awsome will do.
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