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ASA JH8 Rims?

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Hey i just changed my Rims order to ASA JH8.. And i was curious if anyone had pics of them ?? i bought black so... lets see some pics.!!!
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i love these rims i was thinking about getting some when i get the cash, how much did you pay total if you dont mind me asking?awesome rims regaurdless:thumbsup:

ya np man.. im waiting for these to come in .. should be here friday.. I payed $1413.93 with, Michelin Pilot Sport tires, McHard Locking Wheel Nut set and thats it.. i honestly think its a awsome deal, because my dad jsut spent around 8gz on his rims, but he gota SL 55 AMG 07. but ya man... the day i get them in, ill post pics soo u can see how they look on the car.
awesome good luck with them, i will deff wait for the pics:thumbsup:

got my rims in the mail today.. when ever i install them i will throw pics, they look so nice!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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