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this was supposed to end up under the old school paint topic, but somewhere along the lines i got screwed up, so much for a flawless first post, lol. anyway...

here is a little sketch i drew up. sorry i don't have all the fancy photoshop tools some of you other guys have.

basically i took the paint scheme from a '70 Dodge Challenger T/A and put it on the SRT-4. i put the stripe down the side, replaced the T/A in the stripe with SRT-4, made the hood black to match, made the spoiler black, made the bottom piece of the back bumper black (to even out the spoiler) and i even put on some side exhaust, just like the Challenger 8)

here is the Challenger i worked from...

here is my SRT-4 in Lemon Yellow and Plum Crazy...

to view a full size drawing, visit the album at
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