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Anyone love to get greasy

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I have a 99 Neon R/T that i have to put a new tranny on next week..Im trying to sell it so i may need some help to finish it quick...I know some of you will just be sitting around next week and need to get greasy!

Brandon HELPPPPPPP :wah?!:
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So many dirty things come to mind with that thread title, but helping put in a tranny is not one of them... LOL

Maybe if you didn't live so far away, or if I didn't for that matter.
you greasy tranny grabber!

there, i said it.

Did you check with NWNeon? Lots of good folks there to help out and they may even buy it from you.
Lots of the neon guys dont seem to have the love us srt4 guys do..hahah

Sellin it for $3400

Pacemaker headers
Howell automotive race ecu
White 16" light weight wheels
Springtech springs
front and rear sway bars

And a partridge and a pear tree....

Stock bumper on it..not the stupid ugly thing you see
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not sure yet..on my day off..maybe monday-thur....

ps anyone got a tranny...Im buyin one on sunday night for $200
PatrickSRT said:
Let me know i could lend a hand
Thanks bro..Ill let you know!!!:clap:
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