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Anyone Know where I can buy a SRT??

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Yep, still lookin to buy a Silver SRT with like 10 miles on it MAX (you know they beat the snot out of them on test drives :cry: ). I'm up in Duluth MN and most of the dealers up here are totally clueless about when the cars getting here, and most of them are already mentioning mark-ups :evil: . So now I've decided I'm going out of state for mine. Anyone know of a dealer with a silver one with like NO miles on it? Lookin to pay at MOST the 19,995 and if anyone can hook me up with under I'd be VERY GRATEFUL! I'm not goin to travel TO far, as close to MN as possible would be cool. If anyone knows where the good deals are at please let me know! Thanks!
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contact Fairbanks Dodge in FL...nice vacation , get the new car and drive happily home
Earnhardt Dodge in Phoenix, also a nice vacation...warm too. =)

Thanks guys, I'll take that into consideration, somethin a little closer to home would be cool (Duluth, MN at the tip of Lake Superior), lol. I'd be flyin or somethin goin all the way down there, although a Florida vacation sounds damn good, 8) .
Hey 99ShowNeon. The only problem you run into is that the closer you get to the midwest, the more likely the chance of markup. I like in Indianapolis and had to get mine from Florida. Fairbanks Dodge by a guy named Mike Coffey. $19,995.

Yep, that's what I've been hearing, I think I'm going to call a few dealers in Florida and have a Silver one shipped up here. 600 for shipping isn't bad at all coming all the way from Florida. I'm gonna call and try to get one under MSRP hopefully, so the shipping will add in and it'll still be under 20k. Any suggestions on who might be able to stay under the 20k with shipping?? Name number and stuff would be sweeet!! Im lookin to snatch one up in the next 2 weeks so I need some info!! Thanks
I snatched the last silver at maroone dodge at msrp.. I'm having it shipped to NJ via Reliable Transports
Yeah, I live in Chicago, and had to go to Florida too. There is a silver one for sale here in Chicagoland, but the car is marked up like 2 grand I hear. You could call to find out. Ed Napleton Dodge, in Oak Lawn. The shipped 2 from there Florida dealer. Good Luck.
Got mine in St Petersburg FL. Shipped on a open car hauler and arrives tomorrow !! Detroit (Rocherster Hills) MI. For reference purposes $550 for shipping. But takes a while they see if they can fit you in on a open slot on truck. For me it was 2 weeks of owning it before it even took off from the dealer.
Hmm, doesn't sound to hard to simply buy one in Florida and have it shipped! Did you guys all pay MSRP? I'm looking for a dealer down there that might even be below the 19,995. I don't think I'll even bother with dealers farther north due to the markups. I know for sure they'll be marked up here in Minnesota once they FINALLY get to dealer here anyhow :roll: . You got the last Silver one??? BASTARD! lol, jk, I'm for sure going silver, my current neon is black, yep, going to wash it in like 10 minutes, seriously, :lol: :wink: . Looks like I'll have to wait to the next shipment of Silver ones or somethin, anyone want to refer me to a certain dealer so their "extra" nice to me? :D
Got E-mail from Juneau dealer today.STILL doesn't know when, but when it happins he has continued to promise me MSRP. Just hope he doesn't have to wait for the '04.
I picked mine up at Jerry Ulm Dodge in Tampa, Florida. Paid 19,995 and they had me one after about a week with a $500 deposit. Talk to either Mark Silver or Pat Scaglione they were very helpful.
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