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Anyone know what is on the engine? Pictures added

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Hi I just bought a clean 2013 srt8 Chrysler 300, with the 6.4 hemi only 60k miles. I was wondering if anyone knows what’s going on in the area I circled, I just noticed it today .

Here is a second picture further zoomed out.
It’s really small, I barely noticed it till now when looking in the sun.

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Congrats on your purchase. Not a lot of folks with SRT8s around; this is primarily an SRT-4 forum, although the other "LX" platform forums are mostly Hellcat orientated these days, so not too sure where else I can point you.

Fellow 300 SRT8 owner here - could be a couple of things off the top of my head;
  • catch can drip / dipstick spill that was never cleaned
  • some sort of blowby or seepage, but it looks older...

The only real way to tell is to clean it up and see if it's still leaking. Keep an eye on your oil and other fluid levels.

I don't quite agree on the usage of the term "clean" with an engine bay that dirty... below is what my 2012 300 SRT8's bay looks like :p 74k miles

Make sure you use compressed air on the BT catch can first, then a microfiber with non-abrasive cleaning solution. Be careful; that nickel finish will scratch up like a mofo.

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