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Anyone have any ideas about this?.... WTF?

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Ok, well I am officially stumped about this one... I guess I should start at the beginning... Last week at the track I was running consistent 13.7-8's at 101-102 mph with the mods in my sig, minus the 3"tbe, bwoody solid motor mounts, 180 t-stat, and mopar short throw shifter... So i go back this week, with the addition of the above mentioned new mods installed, and I run nothing under a 14.0... :eeeek: The majority of my runs were 14.1-14.2, but if that isnt bad enough, here comes another enigma... these times were at 103-104 mph... :stab: WTF? Does anyone have any ideas about what the fuck is going on? I have posted a time slip from last week, and one from this week if anyone can help... Any info or opinions would be great!

Before exhaust, Motor mounts, 180 Tstat, and Mopar STS:

After Exhaust, MM's, Tstat, and STS... WTF?
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Your 60' is the most obvious thing that jumps out at me. You were able to cut a 2.1 60' time the week before, this time you cut a high 2.3 60'. A general rule of thumb is that every 1/10 of a second taken off of your 60' is equal to 2/10 in the 1/4 mile. That would put you close to your previous times if you had cut the same 60' time this time around.

Second, only the exhaust is the only power adder that was installed and it isn't going to make the biggest difference in the world with your current mod list. Your trap speed is close to where it should be with your mods and time of year. The sts isn't going to make you any faster either, nor is the t-stat. The MM's should help you with your 60' time, but for some reason they did not, but they won't increase your trap speed.

That brings me to my third point. Your track may not have been prepped as well this time around as it was last week. Has it rained recently? June isn't the best month to try and set blistering times because it's so hot and humid out which kills power. How much cool down time did you have between runs? Track prep and weather will also play a huge part and they may not have been as good this time around.

Finally, the answer that everyone else is going to a boost leak test. These cars are notorious for having boost leaks, do a test and zip tie EVERYTHING you can. You probably have a few leaks that you don't know about that could be hurting you.
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You were a half second slower through the 1/8 the second time around compared to your first. You should be able to run in the 8's for your 1/8. A 9.4 is horrible for an 82 mph speed, but judging from your mph gains after the 1/8, everything looks ok and I wouldn't worry about it being a timing issue or anything like that. You gained a solid 20+ mph from the 1/8 mark to the 1/4. If you were gaining less than 20 mph, I would suggest to alter your boost a bit because you could be pulling timing if you spike too high.

I'd also ditch the boost controller because it isn't necessary with the WGA.
yea, my boost does spike kinda high (like 20psi) then falls to about 15, which is why i was thinking a boost leak could be owning me, because its fluctuating a full 5 psi, which is an assload... but yea, I'll try taking toe boost controller out, and do a boost leak test tomorrow. Thanks for all your advice! If anyone else sees anything he overlooked, feel free to chime in! And also, yes, it was ALOT hotter this week, and the track wasnt prepped well at all. Thanks again.
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