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i've already bought all the installation pieces i need from stinger, however i would like to try out their hybrid capacitors. i want to run some tests on the voltage and SPL over time, as well as a listening test. if the tests show that they actually can benefit a system, i will post all results as well as use them in my new SQ install. depending on the results of testing, i'd run 10 farad per 4 channel amp, and 20 farad for the sub amp. i'm specifically looking into the SPDH10 pro hybrid cap. i'll be damned if i'm going to pay full price for test purposes, and in the event they do work, i'd be looking to buy 3 more for my install. if anyone can hook me up on 1 for test purposes, that would be great.


PS, i've already run tests with 1 farad capacitors and a batcap. the capacitor didn't do squat, but the batcap helped a little with the voltage drop, however did not help until the voltage was already very low.
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