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Anybody trade in an EBlue in the Taunton area recently?

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I drive by this dealership that has a lot of performance cars daily and last Thursday saw a e-blue SRT sitting outside. From what I could see has tint, gunmetal wheels, and looked lowered. Had an SRTforums sticker in the rear windows.

Stopped by today to see how much they wanted for it because my buddy is looking for an SRT. As I pull up this kid is walking over to it to put a SOLD sign on it - 4 days later.

I talked to the kid for a minute... said it has 50k miles. Didn't want to be rude and ask him how much he paid. He didn't seem to know anything about the car either but I told him to check out the site on the window.

The previous owner of this car still lurking around here? I was just wondering what other mods it had.
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bens car?
Saw it today went I was over in that area's Classic Chrysler.
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