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Any El Paso SRT-4's?

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anyone on here from El Paso?
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there's like 1 or 2 really sick ones but i don't remember there names...

i wanna say one of them is "rollon" <--- his car is supposed to be off the wall fast...

carlos nice
Im from El Paso N.E., but i live in Abilene:crying:
hey what's going on man, I've seen like 4 or 5 running around el paso but they seem to never want to talk, I dunno if I have seen your blue one though, just two red ones a black one and two of the burnt orange or whatever its called, sunburst or something, but yeah hit me up if you see me man, white one with the blue stripes
ninja5611 is from there,no
Im in El Paso all the time but im up in Albuquerque. Some pretty quick ones up here.
im blue wit a carbon fiber hood and yellow fogs ill keep an eye out for your car and say whats up i would like to get a meet here in el paso im going to start checking things out with that!!!probabaly some time in the spring or summer idk yet. hit me up if you ever see me!!
are all of ya'll in the military !?!?!?...cuz that's the only way i see ANYONE in El Paso affording an SRT4...hell, even KNOWING what an SRT4 would be more like it...

carlos nice
actually no im not military i bought my car brand new when iwas in high schooln and ive never been in the military
Ive never been in the military but my family is. I can agree though that wages in el paso suck. But the cost of living is cheap.

Hey Ill be down there in Feburary we should get a lil meet together. id like to see whats there.
Sup man? I'm in el paso,so is ninja5611. I'm down for a meet especially w/ the new track opening soon.
nice right on, yeah not military here just work for them . . . . lol i'm a security guard, HAHAHA i get paid decent for el paso, but thinking about moving soon, my wife graduated college with a bachelors in engineering so i dunno where we are going but no where anytime soon, anyway, yeah I would like to set up a meet sometime whenever any of you guys have time, I don't gett off work till 9 at night everyday unless i'm off but you know hit me up
<---in military, not in El Paso but from there, left the ride there back in October.. rolled with Scrappy and Ninja5611...

so yeah, puro chuco town!
Sup man? I'm in el paso,so is ninja5611. I'm down for a meet especially w/ the new track opening soon.
wha? new track? snaps, i gotta go on vacation huh?
ya its supposed to be a real NHRA race track last i heard it opening in in feb. to march...who else is down for a meet?
it is an NHRA track in clint, and they are bringing the big dogs out there. i'm down for a meet whenever ya'll have time, i just probably can't show up till after 2100, thats when i get off but eastside westside where ever doesn't bother me, i've seen this bad ass red one go on and off ft. bliss a couple times, haven't had a chance to talk to him but it seems that he has alot of stuff done to it
oh yeah BTW I am selling my new fabricated powdercoated blue motor mounts with delrin bushings and fabricated powdercoated black trans mount with delrin bushing for $200 for all, they have about 50 miles on them, just not for me I don't think I will ever get a Stage 3 for this car or go over 18 psi so if anyones interested let me know
That sounds cool. There are a ton of fast cars here in Albuquerque, atleast 40 srt-4s. Ill get a nice meet together if you guys can button down a time. I always wanted to get somthing together in El Paso.

HEY WHATS UP GUYS IM FROM THE EPT! im from the east side and i roll with team confined concepts. i got a silver one with 18 enkei's. my team cruises around el paso every sunday if u guys ever interested!
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