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Ok, this one is a potential good one for you SE guys. Of course, anyone can get in on it, but here goes....

Finally heard back from my contact at Formula World Racing yesterday.
Matt said he can do $195 + shipping for each set of springs. Fair enough, that's the same price as E D.
Here's the real kicker. If you live in the Georgia/SC/NC/Florida area, you could get it cheaper. If you are in Atlanta, or are willing to drive there, then there's no shipping cost. If you will be in Tampa for the NOPI race weekend on May 17-18th, I'm going to be driving down there. Sooo...
your shipping cost is only $5! :D
Why $5 you say? Cause springs are heavy and it's going to take me a LOT of gas to get there. :lol:

Let me know what y'all think. I need to give them about 2 weeks time to make sure they can get all the springs in, so this is coming kinda quick on the heels of the motor mount GB. I could run it any time, but for me to be able to deliver to Tampa, gotta have them in time for NOPI.

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Sounds good to me. What a coincident, I live in Tampa. This mod would fall into next month so I'm in. (Trying to keep the cost down by doing one each month). Are you sure you can fit all those springs in your car?? :lol: :lol:
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