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I know this is a long shot, but I figured I'd post in here anyway to see what happens. I got the livin loud system in my SRT so I no longer need my old setup.

Here's the deal, I have two JL 12" W3s (not V2s) with a Rockford Fosgate 360a2 amp, Stinger 8 gauge power and ground wires with 12 gauge speaker wires, and home made boxes the subs are in that you can do whatever you so desire with, break em, I don't care. I paid a little over $1100 for this stuff and if you question quality, I got a $103 noise violation ticket the first day out driving with they work!

Anyone interested let me know, asking $400 for it all, or as it seems I might be parting it out at $100 per sub and $200 for the amp and wires! Let me know!

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