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I won't be able to make this event, but I was asked to post this information by my friend Kevin who was the main announcer at all of the UTL events this year. Milan asked him to setup a Xceedspeed booth at the All Mopar Day, and bring out the same amount OR more of SRT-4s and other Neons(1st gen and 2nd) as showed up at UTL#6. Hopefully you guys can show Milan that the 4 cylinder scene is even stronger than they think. Good luck out there, and if for some reason I can get out of work, I will join you there.

Details from Milans site:

October 9th
Drag Race, Swap Meet
Car Show & Corral

2 Bracket Classes $1,500 to Win - $50 Entry
Trophy Class - $30 Entry
Truck/SUV Class - $30 Entry
Sport Compact Class - $30 Entry

Nostalgia (Open to all brands, makes and models 1977 and older)

Adults are $12 Kids 12 & under FREE!

Gates open at 9am

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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