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heres mods.s1 ,s2 waste gate,aem short ram,wideband.well reset computer 3 weeks ago air fuel fine 11.9 11.8 wide open was kinda cool then like 60, well took it out today and holy s**t, spike like 24 holding 19 slowly falling off air fuel was 10.9-11.0.

why would out the blue start spiking that high.waste gate is set at 2mm.and if i get on before 3200 rpm i get compressor surge.any ideas what has gone wrong also its like 90 and iam at 5300 elavation.thanks for any help or ideas.

now the 11.9-11.8 is that still in safe.i know the 10.9-11.0 is rich.
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Lean being higher numbers.
Rich being lower numbers
10.9-11.0 is richer than 11.8-11.9
11.8-11.9 is leaner than 10.9-11.0
ya i messed up on my air fuel of those brain farts.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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