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AGP WGA and MBC Not the normal question

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Ive been using my MBC as a bleed for the past few days instead of controlling the boost, I just have a quick question, I can go through 1st 2nd and 3rd , my car will hit just about 20psi and then the car falls on its face, Is it fuel cut? Or the computer seeing too much boost and shuttin something off I do not get a CEL, but if i let off the gas and get back on it runs fine. Anyone else have it happen?
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when you say fall on it's face do you mean the boost drops to vacuum. Go outside go WOT in a gear where it won't do that and aburptly let off the gas real quick. Is that the same feeling? If so that's your ECU pulling. If you're on a Stage 0 and you go over 17psi expect to see that fuel cut (it's really a spark cut) at speeds above 75 (basically top of 3rd onward)
sounds like timing cut
thats what it feels like.
if you capped the pink line do you have stage 1?

try disconnecting the battery and then give it three good pulls in third. you should be fine after that
Are you running a stock PCM? 20 psi (especially sustained) is way to high for stage 0 and even to high (besides an occasional spike) for stage 1.

Your venting to much boost signal pressure, turn down that MBC before you blow something
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