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Agp Guys Help! Need Response Asap

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Ok, so im putting in my agp wastegate today and I was just wondering what vacuum source you guys run, some people say the stage 1 cars are good from the green line, others say tap into the blue line, and the directions that came with the WGA just say to disconnect the green and the black lines from the WGA to the solenoid and the turbo to the solenoid and to just run a vacuum line straight up in between them?:eeeek: anybody have any suggestions on what works for them, heres my mods:

Stage 1
Mopar Intake
3" TBE w/o cat
Mopar STS
ED IC piping
CTI Hot Side IC pipe
Turbonetics Raptor BOV

oh yeah and i have Stage 2 injectors for sale if anyones interested, still in the boxes and plastic:thumbsup: PM me for that
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on my car i ran straight from the turbo to the wga.
JollyGreen said:
on my car i ran straight from the turbo to the wga.

also try, been covered about 4k times, lol!:thumbsup:

Kill the solenoids, run off turbo, and enjoy the boost!
:tongue: lol thanks buddy, i know i've searched all morning though and my results all came up inconclusive :buah: thats the only reason why i figured i'd be a no0b and ask :rofl:
You got it. Line straight from turbo to WGA.
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