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aftermarket radio overheat..

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i have a pansonic aftermarket radio and it's always overheating.

after maybe 5 minutes the musics cut like 4-5 seconds and continu and when i remove it to see the heat it's damn hot!!

ay tips to reduce heat in there?
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well either the radio is bad or you have it wired wrong causing it to overheat
ive seen it before at work and those were the only reasons
2nd that above. Check for loose connections to the speaker(s) too. If you replaced the speakers, if so, with what? Sometimes the new speakers have wierd ohm loads which can also cause this.
is the radio or cd or both? I had an older deck that overheated the amp after a few hours on the road, or even about 20 minutes in the summer after sitting in the heat all day.
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