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after seeing some talk on a psi-fi thread figured would ask in here

we are getting 18X7.5 with 33offest I think it is and 225 tires. should I tell the align guy to set it up with the -1 or so up front and back. also the car is lowered

was wondering if going with that set for camber would help overall and be a bit better ride, handleing and no unusuall tire wear.

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I don't know how camber effects ride, but handling and tire wear will be affected. I believe normal setups usually have more camber in front than in back, for fwd cars. You will get a slight improvement in cornering and a slight degredation in straight line stability. I'm not sure how noticeable since I have yet to get an alignment done on my car. The inside of your tires will wear more rapidly, since in normal driving that's what will be in contact with the road most often.

At least that's how I understand it. Hopefully one of the resident experts wil get on and give you a better explanation.

As a side note, I plan on going with 1.0 deg of negative camber up front, and 0.0 deg camber in the rear.

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Toe (not zero) wears out tires fast, from pushing the tires in a straight line, camber doesn't affect wear much if the toe is set properly.

We run more than -3.0 degrees camber in the front, meaning between -3.0 and -4.0 for the semantics fiends... With more than 8000 highway and track miles on the G-Force KD tires, uneven wear doesn't appear to be a problem.

The rear of the car is pretty insensitive to camber when it comes to handling between -1.0 and +1.0, but like the front, is very sensitive to toe.

Rear toe should be set at 0.0 (inches or degrees), front should be slightly toed in, just enough that the wheels are pointing straight (0.0 toe) under full acceleration. Psi-fi and Nemo control arm bushings will affect the amount of toe-in you'll need to create the required effect.

For cornering, you want as much camber in the front as you can get, expect high quarter-mile times though. -1.0 camber in the front is a good compromise, if that's what you are looking for...

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