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A Series of annoying n00b questions

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Okay, right now i own a 1995 eclipse gsx AUTO :oops:
Yeah, i'm not too happy about it lol,
Anyways, I'm not brand loyal, so I was psyched when i heard about the SRT-4.

I'm only 17 years old by the way, so if i say anything completely retarded, please forgive me. lol

Anyways, I almost have permission to get this new car, but I have a few n00b questions.

Can someone PLEASE tell me what LSD is (i know what it stands for... just not what it is!) and why everyone is going crazy because the 03's don't have it. And, can you get one if you wanted it? Because if you can buy an lsd if you can't stand not having one later down the road, than thats great.

Secondly, my awd 210hp turbo car EATS gas like no other mother. How bad is the srt-4 on gas... maybe less because of no AWD? i hope.

and lastly, why is upgrading motor mounts a good idea....? It stops wheel hop? How? Also, how difficult is it to install? For some reason, I thought putting in new motor mounts required pulling the engine.....

Thanks in advance, and happy to be a member at this forum
I'm so psyched about getting this car it's not funny.
Mainly because it's a Neon. (kind of) And we all know there are plenty of people out there who think "This pud is racing a NEON?" and I love it.
They'll figure out that it's an srt-4 eventually, because all they will be seeing is the back of the car. :wink:
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Can someone PLEASE tell me what LSD is (i know what it stands for... just not what it is!)
A limited slip differential will tranfer power to the other wheel if one is slipping. It's all about traction. Yes, it can be installed at a later date if one chose to! (after they are released of course)

How bad is the srt-4 on gas...
I get about 18-20mpg

why is upgrading motor mounts a good idea....?
Because the factory ones are GARBAGE!! They are WAY to flexible. It will reduce wheel hop and help with traction. No, you don't have to pull the motor to install them. Top and side mounts are pretty easy installs, but the third by the tranny is a bitch!!
Kiros, first of all welcome to the forum.

Most of the regulars here will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

There is a motor mount install video posted here:

If you have specific questions, you probably want to do a search first, a lot of the basics have already been posted.

Good Luck with the SRT.... :D
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