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...From my contribution in the FAQ

For the people who dont know what Nitrous oxide is: Nitrous oxide is not a magic gas that will make your car instantly run 10's. Nitrous Oxide(N2O) Is simply a chemical that has more oxygen then air. Air is around 23% oxygen while nitrous oxide is 36.6%. Also N2O is more dense then air so it has even more oxygen then 36.6% would imply. There are a few diffeent ways to go about injecting nitrous into your engine. For small shots a dry system would be adequate. A dry sytem only injects nitrous oxide into the engine. On the other hand there are wet systems. Wet systems provide fuel and nitrous oxide. On these systems the nitrous and fuel is injected into the intake a few inches before the throttle body. Then there is Direct port nitrous injection. Usually for more then a 75 shot this method is used. Direct port uses a fogging or mixing nozzle for each cylinder. Instead of being injected before the throttle body a DP system introduces the nitrous and fuel right into the intake runner. This also ensures even distribution of nitrous and fuel. Separate fuel and nitrous solenoids are used directing fuel into blocks, from the blocks the Fuel and nitrous are plumbed into the injector nozzles mounted in the manifold. Two-stage sytems are exactly how they sound, they use two stages. Usually a small single nozzle system for the first and then a full Dp system for the second. Using a 2-stage ensures that you can hook up off the line and then when the 2nd stage kicks in you have already gained traction. Whenever you have more then a 75 shot its wise to upgrade your fuel pump and other goodies such as your injectors or fuel rail. Also colder plugs are adviasable. Bottom end modifications are neccesary after about a 125 or 150 shot depending on your engine. When squezing this much nitrous(150,200 shot) its good to switch over to racing fuel. (100+ octane)
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