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I was thinking the same thing.
Maybe it was hooked up to the wrong wire or the wrong inputs where entered before the runs. If it is is true, then this would peak some questions.

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My bad, I clicked the wrong button!
This was a reply to the dyno run and it's A/F ratio read out.

That A/F was very aggressive. More like dangerious. I dont know if its a true reading or not? But then again I know he has a MAP issue on the car which could have caused a leaner than normal condition.
yeah, because an a/f ratio doesnt usually look like that.
12/1 is an aggressive number and what tuners try to set there a/f to(supra guys). 14.7/1 is stoch and its an ideal number in ideal conditions.
yes, i realize that, but the line doesnt usually look like that. need a wideband o2 sensor.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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