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OK heres whats up. Sometimes not always when im at idle my a/f will go pig rich to like 10-12 and my boost vac will go up to 9. It usually at idle sit a/f around 14-15 and boost vac will be 17-18. My mods are listed in my sig. And when it does this rich reading sometimes i will get a little but of white smoke that smells of fuel from the back tail pipes. I have over 95,000 miles on my 03 I know engine rebuild is soon here but i was thinking of going to a fully built motor. Anyways I did a serach on here for like four days and nothing related to what i was going through. If anyone could help me out to figure out whats up please do so.

I have new plugs and wires as well that are gaped to .30. Also the car is fine when WOT or driving a/f go back to where they should be its only at idle when this happens. Oh and i forgot to say this my RPM Idle is fine there are no issues there.:crying:

Heres some pics of the a/f readings:
First is at idle:

Second is when driving normal ( there should be a 1 before the 3 for som reason it did no show in the pic):
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