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If you are not from the Atlanta area, this will make zero sense to you.

Coy "Dale, I could not find a 3 1/2 mm socket at the Pep Boys and the guy behind the counter said he is out of left handed screwdrivers"

Dale "Go cook the sausages and get off the grass"

Dunnie to James "00010011001100000111100011, ha ha ha, so I said 001010110101000111010101"

James to Dunnie "00001001100111001, buffalo shrimp 01010101010101, 010011010101!!!

Jason "3 Bar Map"

Coy "when do I get a chance to use one of the good tools?"

Dale "Turn the sausages, get me a beer"

Aaron "Hey guys, remember when my car used to run?"

Jason "3 BAR MAP!!"

Tim "So do you like Timmy with the gel in the hair or Tim without the gel?"

Aaron "ssiiggghh, I used to put gel in my hair while driving to work"

James "So who wants to go with me to get my windows tinted, Coy beer me."

Aaron "If we get 8 of us together and trailer my car we get a 10% discount, Coy beer me and put down that wrench before you try to use it on somthing"

Jason "3 BAR MAP!!!!!"

Dunnie "Why is it I still come here, Coy beer me"

Dale "Cause there is always some newb willing to cook. Coy oil me, I am stating to burn"

Coy "Why cant I have L.E.D.'s that spell out Lake Effect under the car?"

Aaron "Siiiggghhhh, I used to have blinky lights on my car to"

Jason "3 BAR MAP!!!!!"

Group shouts " COY. BEER US"

Jason shouts "Coy, wine cooler me"


(feel free to add chapter 2)

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oh man :rofl:

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10000100010100101 !!!

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Dale "Hey Jesse, go over there and catch this tennis ball..."

Aaron "huh huh, yeah Jesse. Go over there"

Tim "sniff sniff? God, my shirt still smells like burnt clutch"

Dunnie "mmmm clutch..... Coy gimme one of Jason's zimas"

Jason "they aren't zimas!"

Miki update: the drool string is now all the way down past his left nipple and begining to puddle in his belly button.

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Aaron: Coy beer me. Wait nevermind, we're pregnant.

James: He look guys I brought another tent.

Jason: So I got this new sticker. Its glossy black, and covers the entire car. Can you see it?

Coy: So this big samuri is holding a sword ....

Dale: I didn't know you fancied yourself a samuri Coy ... but ok come here we can try it.

James: Ok I think if we all stand at a corner and lift a corner of the tent ...

Jason: ... and see I dont even really have to detail know because the sticker covers the entire car. I think anyway ... I don't know where it starts and stops anymore.

Dunnie: **SMACK**

Aaron: Dunnie, how many old guys you plan on hitting today?

James: Seriously guys .... the tent.

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Jeeze, this has to be the funniest post evar! Can't wait to see Dale's post.....Seems everybodies perspective of each other is right on:rofl: .

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earlier today--------

Dale - Aaron, ask Jeff at MPSC if he sent me that package yet.

Aaron - Mopar Supercenter is send you something, what is it?

Dale - Can't tell you, just ask Jeff if he sent it, Coy, beer me

Aaron - Can't tell me!

Coy - Dale, MPSC is sending me Stage 2 coils, should I go with Stage 3, oh, heres your beer.

Dale - What are you going to use them for, getting us beer?

Coy - Should I have the adjustability that they offer?

Dale - Why don't you just sell them to Aaron, oh wait, Reebocks don't need Stage 2 coils.

Aaron - I remember when I used to drive over here (sigh)

Shortly after......

Jeff - Hendrick Parts, can I help you?

Aaron - Jeff, you sending Dale a package?

Jeff - Hey Aaron, Yep

Aaron - What is it?

Jeff - Dale didn't tell you?

Aaron - No, what is it

Jeff - Can't tell you

Aaron - oh man, is it something for the car?

Jeff - Yep

Aaron - SWEET, what is it?


The guys at MPSC :rofl: and Coy, BEER us!
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