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Hey I am new to the aem ems, but I got my car to idle pretty good 14.5-15.3ish afr's. The car doesn't want to start when it is completely cold. Once its warmed up it starts right up. Do you guys think it is ok to drive (no boost) with what I currently have? When I rev it in neutral what should my afr's be? While crusing what afr's do I want to aim for? This is only a temporary map just so I can get my car from point a to point b then I am switching over to e85. Here are my mods that matter for tuning purposes and my current .cal file:


3" dp

3" MpX SEE

AEM uego wideband

180° thermostat

BS chain removed

AGP Zeta 3.2 DBB turbo kit

N2MB boost & wot boxes

Performanceautowerks 2.5" hot side IC pipe

Full Blown fuel rail

-10 feed

-8 return

Aeromotive A1000 fpr

DCR Twin Bosch 044 in-tank pump unit

DCR 8 gauge fuel pump rewire

Duster's 1025cc injectors (rated at 58psi)

Magnecore 8mm wires

NGK 4306 plugs

AGP 3bar map/tip sensors



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Im not too familiar with EMS on an SRT4, but your idle target afr's seem solid. just make sure you stay out of partial throttle boost and of course WOT. nothing will happen i can assure you. ive had customers that drove on base maps for prolonged periods of time, as their cars were their daily drivers, on setups that have not been tuned. just keep your eye on your afr's and check your LT knock once in a while, just to be safe. cruise and light acceleration should be in the 14's (low 15's at idle).
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