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9/10/07 in Portland

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SRT-4aKId and me will be in Portland that day for the Muse concert in the evening. It's a Monday, so probably the lamest day possible to be there, but if there are any places we should check out or people that wanna meet up let me know.
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There are a lot of cool spots between the couve and downtown. Many beer available my favorite the Rouge on 14 and flanders about 10 min from the rose garden. Oba has an great happy hour menu. Show starts at 8, when are you going to be in town? I usually stop by portland after work on mondays.
LMK what it looks like.
I'm thinking that we're going to leave Seattle in the morning and plan on getting to Portland by 1pm or so. So we'll definitely have some time to kill. Can't really go to a bar because Devin is only 17, but if there's a place with good food where people can meet that would be cool. Seems like most of the SRT's in Oregon don't really live in Portland though.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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