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Morning everyone!
I have a few questions regarding a "build". i plan on tuning in a couple of months so i want to make sure all my ducks are in a row. Precision external wastegate Tail bov
My current setup is a 50 trim .63 (running a conservative/16.6psi clutch break in tune (diablo sport) on wastegate pressure.
Eagle rods/arp bolts and head studs. healthy motor 140-149psi across all cylinders.
650cc FIC injectors, 255 wally, Boomba fuel rail.
3 in DNA exhaust, BFMI.
Catch can/ overflow.
Things i have/ waiting on. 1000cc injectors, water meth, agp return. 3 bar map/tip sensors.
One of my questions would be about the fuel system. what are stock lines good til? would it be wise going -6an from front to back?
any other advice/opinions on this build would be appreciated, things i could do and or buy.
Thanks in advance.
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