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$400 to drop, opinions on where it should go

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with a birthday coming up i estimate about $400 in spendable cash to put into the srt 4, i have it down to what i belive the best things are, please tell me if im going to wrong direction or if you have some better ideas.
--CO2 or N2O intercooler chiller
--stg 1, plan on turbo kit down the road so, im thinkin of the emanage route rather than stg 2
--drag radials and rotas
--txs dsbc
i dont know which one on that list i should get, or if there are better options out there.
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Iceman TB and Rage ported intake manifold...
thanks nemo, never even thought of that, were the gains on that intake manifold, on a stocker? same with the tb, thanks again for the post for some reason i hadnt even considered intakes and tb's
save and get stage 3 coilovers keep motor bone stock unless you dont care about warranty issues. if not get used stage 1 and wga . I would go with the suspension our cars need work in that department
BDJ's exhuast and either new motor mounts or at least inserts.
-Dogbone Motormounts
-Greddy Oil Catch Can
-Cold Air Intake
-Spark Plug Wire Heat Shield
Maybe try to enhance the handling....

Front/read strut tower bars and upgraded anti-sway bars. Maybe you'll have come cash left over for suspension.
$400 to drop, opinions on where it should go

Lap Dances! j/k

Stage 1 and a downpipe then dump the exhaust before the spaghetti tubes.
get intake manifold ported and polised
get head ported and polished
Hotchkis Swaybars, K&N Air filter! Plain & Simple! :thumbsup:
With both the tb and intake your looking at about 9-11 peak hp and about 18-22 above 5300 rpm. Good torque gains too. It is a great stepping stone to future mods.
i'd also have to agree on bdj's and mounts. (30whp!!!):wah?!::wah?!:
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