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I have owned this now highly modified SRT4 ACR since new. I'm retired and I need this out of my garage. Car would make a great autocrosser.

It has 205,000(ish) miles on it (commuter miles mainly), so a few lumps and bumps commensurate with mileage. Sunroof has issues. I do not use it.

Built engine, ported head - FWD performance
T855 trans (special build with shorter top gear and stronger main shaft (4130?). Bought from FWD performance. Trans tag shows T855.
Stage 3 turbo
Stage 2 ECU with tune
FWD performance return fuel system
AGP direct-fit intercooler
Maxxfab exhaust with cat - passes inspection in my area without any issues, though they do only OBD tests vs tailpipe.
BC Coilovers, poly bushings in front arms, SPC adjustable rear arms, Hotchkis sway bars, Werks front/rear strut bars

New parts added within the last year or so - a thousand miles or less of driving:
  • New window belt moldings
  • New rotors and pads (cryo front rotors, stock rears, Hawk pads (f/r), brakes bled)
  • Windshield washer nozzles and tank pump
  • Oil pressure sensor
  • Speed sensor
  • Cam position sensor
  • All 3 solenoids (BOV/WGA/TIP)
  • radiator fans
  • radiator fan harness
  • Full wire tuck engine harness (installing this was a bitch)
  • Valve cover gaskets
  • AGP valve cover breather
  • Modern Perf check valve
  • AGP wastegate
  • TurboXS Hybrid BOV
  • Silicone hoses:
    • heater core hoses
    • Oil cooler hoses
    • turbo coolant lines
This car is ready for a new owner - no runs, no drips, no errors. All fluids replaced in last thousand miles. Runs great and needs nothing. Starts every time. All the right bits functioning properly. Only parts with original miles on them are the a/c (works fine) and power steering pump (rack was replaced with brand new SRT4 rack when engine built). Tires will need to be replaced soon. Clutch is 6-puck and has ~30,000 miles on it. Engine, same miles. Full details can be sent with all mods if interested. Also note that I have a literal pickup truck full of various parts/spares to go along with the car (still finding stuff, so list will expand - see below). You get the car and the parts are freefreefree! This is a package deal and I have zero interest in trying to sell the parts separately - do not ask.

Happy to answer any questions and send full details - send me a message.


  • Stock gear shifter.
  • Gaskets and seals and stuff oh my! – new rear main seal; special Mitsubishi turbo oil return gaskets; new front bearing keeper plates; clips to replace when you try and remove the a-pillars (the clips always break), and some other gaskets I have in a box and don’t know what they go to.
  • Visteon racing radiator – unusual fan mounting prevented install
  • Complete additional set of ACR BBS wheels in original silver with good, but mismatched tires (one tire is different then the other three).
  • Original ACR Tokico struts and springs
  • Worn out set of Mopar Stage 2 coilovers (must be rebuilt).
  • Original cat and exhaust
  • New Mopar center section for stage 3 turbo. I do not have the hardware to mount the center section – that kit was unavailable when I snagged the center section.
  • HP Tuner Pro – never used. The tune on the car was done with HP tuner and I have the tune file. Car runs great, so never touched the tune.
  • T850 transmission – complete. Has over 150k on it, but was perfectly functional when pulled.
  • Bunch of used axles (can use for cores). Some are DSS axles.
  • Spare black trunk lid and fiberglass rear trunk lip spoiler (not installed).
  • New front fiberglass bumper. Not painted
  • Brand new stock turbofold.
  • Exhaust Depot direct-fit intercooler
  • Stock intercooler
  • Complete engine - disassembled. Engine block and spare parts, including head and all engine bolts and parts.
  • Stock radiator fans (just replaced with new fan set from Modern Performance).
  • Two sets of stage 2 injectors.
  • Stock, Stage 2 and stage 3 wastegates
  • Stock ECU
  • Wilwood 4 and 6 puck calipers
  • New HD rotors for Wilwood calipers (top hats and attachment bolts will need to be purchased) – I personally did not like aftermarket brakes….stock works fine.




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Beautiful car! Good job on keeping it so clean. I'm sure some body will grab this up. Sorry to hear your getting rid of it though. I've also owned mine since brand new. And don't think I could bear to get rid of it lol. But anyways very nice ride. 👍👍👍

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Wow you have a lot of spares. Too bad you don't want to sell some of the items separately. You could get a $1000 easy for the transmission.

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Cool. If you ever want to sell it in the distant future. I may be interested. Unfortunately I just had a big repair on my old Honda Accord.
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