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I know the stickies have moved and are not as easily found, but you need to follow the rules with FS posts.

Forum rules about FS posts.
For Sale Posts (FS:) - All items for sale must include a price. If a price is not present the thread will be deleted, no questions asked.

If you like you can use the following format for your email so search bots don't grab it and then you get spammed:
srtforums at doitlikethis dot com

A. For Sale Post format - All items for sale will use the following format:
What is your name(first & last)? :
What is your Email Address OR Contact PH #? :
What is your City? :
What is your State? :
What is your Zip code? :
Vin Number:

B. For Sale post pictures - All items for sale require a picture.This is for the buyers safety, include your screen name and the date the picture was taken IN THE PICTURE ON A PIECE OF PAPER The picture must be less than 2 weeks old at the start of the thread..
C. Paypal - Do not request any additional fee for Paypal, 3% or otherwise when posting items for sale. If you feel the need to cover your loss on a Paypal fee then you as the poster should adjust your asking price to accommodate the fee. (This rule applied to any other similar payment options) [/COLOR]
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