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Im looking to pick up a 2003 SRT-4 with a complete Stage 1 kit.

Here is the ad, Srt4 for sale

Any thoughts on the car?

142k miles and he's asking $5500.

With it having such high mileage and being a stage 1, I worry that it might have been abused a bit. Anything I should look for in particular? How do I know its a complete stage 1? Are there any questions I should ask about this model in particular or this year?

Thanks for all the help. Im excited and hope the purchase works out. It'll be my first domestic car, owned Mazdas/Hondas most of my life and one Nissan, and Ive wanted an SRT-4 since they first came about.

Cheers mates!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts