There are tons of mods and spare parts making this a great deal but there's also some work to be done so...

(Post Under Construction - I'll add some more details and pics over time and as requested)

I'll start with the cons:
Car has been sitting and occasionally idled for most of the past 12 years. Has some lack of power at WOT that I don't have time to diagnose.
Lots of wobble in the steering around 65-75 mph. Front knuckles and axles replaced ~14 years ago but no idea if bearings aren't seated flat, if tires are flat-spotted, etc.
Air Conditioning doesn't work (system fully charged and not leaking so it's likely the pressure switch not kicking on the compressor)
Car had some damage done to rear quarter panel and bumper. New quarter panel welded in and a red SRT-4 rear bumper installed painted with spray cans of primer and some OEM paint so it is protected from rust but would benefit from a paint job. Carbon fiber hood is also heavily oxidized and would likely look better painted at this point.
Interior Carpeting was removed. Worn OEM mats still in car.

And now the pros:
Original Owner
2004 Transmission with Limited Slip Differential installed with roughly 80k miles on it between previous and current owner
Engine wiring harness completely replaced (Fixing the factory flaw in the TB wiring that caused idle issues)
Front and Rear Strut Tower Braces
Polyurethane Bushings
Short Throw Shifter
Solid Metal Shift knob
SRT-4 stainless step seals
SRT-4 branded bonus gauges and triple gauge pod
Large areas of trunk and rear of vehicle frame filled with expanding foam insulation and covered with Dynamat
Dual trunk battery mount and heavy gauge cables
Dodge branded seat belt pads
Dodge branded visor cd holder

And spare parts!
Spare original transmission with roughly 60k miles on it
Spare rear section of exhaust in near perfect condition
Spare slightly damaged and heavily oxidized carbon fiber hood
Spare OEM shifter
Mopar BOV adapter plate
Extra Aftermarket BOV and pipes
Mopar CD changer
Spare non-matching wheel and multiple tires