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I'm going there right now and am scared of the parking! Anyways, I'm not sure if I can do this but I'm gonna try and sneak a camera in for all of us to drool over the pics together. I'm concerned about the back seats as well (Nobody has seen em!). If thinks go well, I'll have the pics posted by Monday and will let everyone know everything I've learned about the delivery dates, who's getting them first and the deal about the air bags. I could be wrong but hey, this is Detroit the Motor City and if the big wigs here don't know the right answers then nobody else does either. Take care everyone.

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SRT-4 was at Detroit

I just got back from the Detroit Auto Show!

It had 2 production SRT-4's and one Mopar Drag SRT-4.
They were all sweet and you could even sit in the production versions.
There was a Red one on the main floor and a Yellow SRT-4 in the lower
level all open including the hood on this one.
Those Viper seats are so sweet and hold you in tight too!
Shifter feels great and clutch isn't too hard. Boost gauge is actually in a
tubular pod attached to dash.
Mopar parts showed off the Mopar SRT-4 drag car which is raced by Marc
Crawford. Also had some performance parts for the SRT and PTTurbo.
Now to watch the SRT-4 in action on Car&DriverTV on TNN ! :lol:

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