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Thanx to my man Rush, for the slicks to borrow, and the start, here goes lol...............

Well, Im a bit tired, its way early and I need to get some sleep. They call me the "Burnout King" lol. Awwww, thanks, I like to put on a show lol. Too bad none of them made it to video. Well, the day didnt start off too well. Most of the early runs, i was haveing trouble with the stiff shifter, I am going to need new cable bushings to loosen it up a bit. I kept trying to put it into gear, and id jam it up on a cpl runs........bla bla bla. My slowest run of the day, a nice 25.132 on account of shitty shifting and mising gears lol. I ranged from 12.25 to 13.8s lol! Didnt help I forgot to switch my fuel map over to my Race Gas map lol, no wonder I couldnt get the power i was looking for lol, see, idiot driver lol.
Shitty driving on my part. the car was willing, the body to stupid to handle the stick correctly, plus I wasnt launching worth a damn. I got fed up and decided to cool the car down, take my mind off and watch a few races. I went over my launch techique in my head, and with Scott and Ed. Said a cpl Woosaaahhs and went at it again. The temp dropped, the DA was going down, and I was feeling it. The first break into the 11s was.. at 29-30 PSI (all late runs at 29-30 psi)
r/t .354
60 1.835
30 5.255
1/8 7.833
mph 95.929
1k 10.083
1/4 11.929
mph 124.34

This is where i got the consistancy down of the launches lol

I was instructed on a launch, as soon as the first light hits, rev to 5500 rpms, as the last hits, drop the hammer and go. I did this, the slicks gripped and ripped with no spin AT ALL! It was a great feeling. I went slow on the shifting, but firm to get it into gear without missing. No powershifting was done. You could call it granny shifting lol.
I let the car cool off again, and went at it. Same launch as above, with a few more rpms on the launch, again, no spin! Only problem was the shift into 4rth, the boost went through the floor when I shifted >.< When I got it into 4rth it took a cpl sec to get back into full power nd it slowed me down. If I powershifted that, could of had that mid 11 there I think.

And it just keeps getting better...................

r/t .184 (I am a narcaleptic at the light)
60 1.719
330 5.041
1/8 7.604
mph 96.58
1k 9.887
1/4 11.781
mph 121.80

Not to shabby as a follow up run eh. The last run of the night, I switchwed lanes on a challenge run against an STi that blew its clutch. This right lane was slower to me all night. I actually spun the slicks on this lane witch resulted in a near identical run to the one b4 last @ 11.951. And that was the night in a nutshell. If I could drive the car half as well as it needs, could have broken my mid 11s, but weel save that suspense for another day. Im happy to break into the 11s at least.

It was a great turnout, great people, AWESOME cars , and great times! To all who were there, thank you, and deffinetly, have to do a repeate! Aurevoi!

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Congrats on the ET and the good driving. Is that a 50 trim setup?



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Great Run! Sometimes when the driving isnt coming together its best to park and watch and wait till the Frustration goes away. You obviously used that time to buck up and concentrate. I think I know if a new Slick addict :eveilgrin LOL
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