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04bluesrt4 said:
Anyone know where we can get 100 octane unleaded here in the Indianapolis area?? I want to try my race gas button.
Most unleaded race gas is 104 octane. Just go to a Speedway Gas Station close to the track, they should have Race Gas. I just use leaded Race Gas 110 octane, when we go to the track. I only put a Maximum of 5 gal in at a time and only do it a couple of times a year. It will not hurt anything unless you keep on using leaded gas. I only buy Race Gas to get the high off of the smell. A note though, Premium gas is better than running Race Gas. It takes more heat to detonate Race Gas than Premium and you will do better with Premium than with Race Gas. This information was told to me by a well known race engine builder who worked for Hendricks Motorsports.
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