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10/04 Meet Tonight!!

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meet tonight savi ranch

TGIfridays wrx's and srt's

anyone intrested??

1. Becca
2. Lord J
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91 and imperial.. or wier canyon
I would bring the Rental, but im gunna watch the game in the comfort of my home.
um like 8 or 9 ish till whenever.. i tried calling u back but no answer
u guys had fun?
well have to say that the subaru guys are very cool. well the ones I talked to...
They're pretty cool, I know about like 10-11 of them here, there are just some that are somewhat cocky and stuff. but again, any community have their own cocky people.
Damn, didn't see the post till today, sucks cause I live about a mile from there, oh well. Post up earlier next time the next one rolls around :)
thats ok just go tonight at autobachs!!
I don't generally drive that far to go to the japanese american version of pepboys :) Maybe some other meet. Plus I was just there this weekend looking for some rims.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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