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1/8 Mile questions

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Hey all, now I know this is probably an easy question to answer... and that answer would be, spend lots of cash but... Around here we race 1/8 and I like to get some seriously decent times outta my SRT. Im assuming the biggest fault is gonna be 60ft times... What would be the best setup to use to cure this on a monstly stock SRT... and what will get me into some decent mid/low 8 second times, if not better... Im not afraid of cash just wanna spend it properly... The races are in a month and a half so theres plenty that can be done... Im currently looking towards a stage 1 with agp setup, would I be better off with somethign different(stage 2)....? I havent done any timing to see what i run now... but id really love to lay a licken on some bigger iron out there. Mods are as listed below... And please the search button hasnt been nice to me lately(not working) so any help is muchly appreciated...

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Which way you want to mod is totally up to your style. Good power can be had both ways. How much are you looking to spend? As far as times go, seat time is the best thing you can do to get any kind of good times out of the car whether you have mods or not. Work on the 60' times!
60ft times is an issue and im thinking a set of slicks/drag radials would do wonders, as my motor mounts did improve it alot... but im thinking more power in second gear and up... Ive heard stage 2's can be rich.... I guess the question is, is what setups have guys been running to get a mid/low 8 second 1/8 mile run... Somewhere in the lines of stage 1 or 2 with slicks and other supporting mods... I appologize for such a vague question, but Im looking at getting some more power outta my SRT and shooting for the drags in july is a good way to get my act together. :thumbsup:

stage 2, slicks and a 75 shot should get u very low in the 8's safely and reliably. or u could do the "how to 300 hp" thread instead of the stage 2. big turbo and slicks could prob get u into the 7's or just slicks and a 75 shot with what u have should get u mid/low 8s. it seems like the key should be slicks and anything else u want cause the best 60' i've pulled on the stock tires is 2.1 which isnt bad, but 1.8 in slicks is obv WAY better
Low 8's are gonna take some spending and some seat time. But the 1st thing I would recommend is slicks, then S2 with toys for the win!!! That should get you low 8's. Even better get S3 with toys with 24" M&H slicks.
I get low 8.4 with pt cruiser wheels and drag radials. With M/H slicks the little neon does low 8.2. The best with Goodyear RSA has been 8.5 but at usually 8.7s. I run 18 to 20 psi boost and remove the ac relay to keep the fans running.
[email protected] in the 1/8th

Mods and 1/4 mile time in sig. Hope this helps:thumbsup:
so if some one is running like 8.8 in the 1/8th of a what would be their time in a quarter mile??
your mph in the 1/8th would tell something about your 1/4 time, but you'de prob be mid 13's
my first time at irwindale speedway i just got two runs.1st i was up against a corvette i got a 8.93 @ 82.09 2nd run was against an orange srt 4 he had some nice drag radials. i got 8.80 @ 81.66..
sounds like you would be in the mid 13's @ between 105-109 somewhere
I've never run 1/8 mile, but my 2nd run at the 1/4 mile was a 8.91 @83.5 with a 2.25 60ft. 1/4 times were 13.65 @ 103.55. stage 1, agp wga, and maxxfab catless dp. I am hopefully going to the 1/8 mile tonight (mainly to watch my buddies turbo fox-body), and hopefully I can improve a bit since I've done a few more modifications.
Well just got back from the track and ran a 8.78 @ 83 w/2.1 60 ft. then a 8.72 @ 84.03 mph w/2.2 60 ft. There was another srt4 there, but he ran a 9.1 @ 77. That was the only run I saw of him.
rkinney said:
Well just got back from the track and ran a 8.78 @ 83 w/2.1 60 ft. then a 8.72 @ 84.03 mph w/2.2 60 ft. There was another srt4 there, but he ran a 9.1 @ 77. That was the only run I saw of him.
Good run! Your car is pretty strong. Get that 60' down and you should be @ 8.4 or so. :thumbsup:
Thanks, I will be getting slicks soon so I can drop it a few more tenths. I am somewhat creeping out of the hole then going wot at about 2800. This car somewhat pisses me off cause it is almost as fast as my camaro, which is my pride and joy.
with slicks u can rip off the line and drop your times a half second pretty easily
on slicks, wga, needswings DP, intercooler...i ran a 8.4 @84.

Oh yeah, Rage lower control arm bushings. Made a big difference. No wheel hop whatsoever.
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