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1,399 Miles...

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Just got home with my silver beauty!. The trip from Monarch Dodge to my home in CT was 1,399 miles. Did it in 22 hours which included fuel stops and a 45 min nap at 3 in the morning. Even with those I averaged 63.5 MPH for the trip. :twisted: And I got 27MPG doing 80-90 mph for the last 1,000 miles :lol:
I can't begin to tell you how much this car rocks. Highway cloverleafs should become a race event. I actually got on and off the highway about five extra times every time I saw a good clover.
I didn't even have 28 miles on the car yet (it had 9 from the dealer) and this purple Mustang GT pulls up and starts reving. I wanted to go so bad, I told him to follow me for 280 miles and then I'd whip him. It was deffinately worth the trip down to get it early. Took it to the car wash to get rid of all the grime and all the guys were like WTF is this? They were like flys on shiet as I left. :twisted:
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Congrats on the car !!
Way to go on your new ride! Now get some pics for us, break it in, and be the first to get some new rims for it! Have fun! :lol:
gdflys said:

Just got home with my silver beauty!
And yet another proud SRT-4 owner joins the ranks! Congrats, and enjoy your ride 8)

Your car is already broken in. Now go race it. :twisted:
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