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Hey everyone,

First post on here, new to srt4s and dodge in general so sorry if I butcher a few terms. I picked up a 05 SRT-4 ACR project a couple days back. Drove it home and only thing it needed was an exhaust manifold gasket. Yesterday when I came out to work on it, I noticed the mileage didn't show up on the dash when I opened the door. Put the key in it, turned, nothing happened. Put a jump pack on it and still nothing. No dash lights, nothing in the entire car has power it seems. So far I have:

-Cleaned battery terminals
-Cleaned grounds
-Checked grounds with a test light
-Checked every fuse with the test light and made sure there is power going to the PDC
-Unplugged PCM, followed a thread on here about probing the C1 connector to see if there is an open and/or bad ground. Checked 29, 11, 9 and 18 and all of them check out so I know there is power going to the PCM.

Today when I went back out to work on it, I noticed the wideband works but only with the key in the off position. This was not the case yesterday. That is the only thing in the entire car that seems to have power.

The car has a stage 2 w/ toys pcm, and now I am wondering if it is bricked. I've been using the search function but everyone with a similar problem seems to have a blown fuse #21. Not the case in my car as I have probed it and made sure it is getting power.

Only other piece of information I can think of is when the terminals are not connected to the battery, the test light appears to shine brighter than it does when the terminals are hooked up. Could this mean I have a bad ground even though my C1 connector tests all came back okay? What else should I check?

Sorry for the longer post guys, any help would be extremely appreciated. I am actively trying to solve this issue and will post again if I make any new discoveries. TIA!
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