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2005 Neon SRT4
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Posted in the newbie forum first, so this is a follow up:

Car will not start - not even getting dash lights to come on when I turn the key. Unable to jump it.

Troubleshooting so far:
  • Bench tested alternator at AZ
  • New Battery
  • Checked/replaced (most?) ground wires/battery cables
  • Gas/oil levels good
  • Drove it to the dealer for a diagnostic (before it stopped running) and all they found were oil leaks and codes for an air leak

Car has been sitting for over a year, but I continually cranked it every weekend and drove it around the block monthly, and occasionally would drive it to work. A few months ago I drove it to the new house.

Made it a few miles until it lost power and died. After several attempts I was able to jump it and get it home. Cranked it every weekend with no problem, until I drove it around the block. Made it a half mile and it slowly died. This time, unable to crank. Needed a tow.

  • PCM?
  • Bad battery cables?
  • Starter?
  • Something I've never even heard of?
  • Squirrels??

Anyone have an idea for what I should try next?

Thank you for your time.

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starting with basics:
battery = 12v?
measure (volts) starter wire to bock = 12v?
car cranks ? y/n
power on dash ?
fuel pump primes ?

if all of these are good, run a separate thick ground from starter bolt (thoroughly clean trans side of ground) to negative batter post, check pcm grounds 2 on rad support bracket and one on the inner fender well near fuse box

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Assuming the power and ground lugs on the battery are intact and in good shape... Im betting there is a break in the wire from the battery to the PDC under the hood. Its the only place that if broken everything dies.

Do a voltage drop test between the + battery terminal and where the wire connects to the PDC. If there is more than .1V you have a problem. connect a jumperwire from the battery terminal to the PDC lug and see if your power is restored.. if it is then the wire or the lug are suspect. IF there is no voltage drop then check the drop between battery ground lug and an unpainted spot on the fender and engine block. IF theres a voltage drop,connect a jumperwire if that fixes the problem replace the ground wire.

If you have a service manual these general procedures are outlined in 8W-01-9, 10.
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