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What is RIM ?
The Subaru Rim of the World Rally, Round 3 of the 2006 US Rally Championship (USRC), is a performance rally: flat-out racing on a stage-by-stage basis, with production-based, street-legal cars and trucks run at one or two minute intervals rather than wheel to wheel. Competitors race over the grueling, unpaved, dusty fire roads of the Angeles National Forest just north of Los Angeles, which makes for exciting views for both spectators and volunteer workers.

Rim, title sponsored by Subaru Southwest Region and presented by Autosport Engineering, is one of the toughest, most challenging events in the country. Similar to the world rally championship competition so popular in other countries. Yet, at the local level, regional rallying is easier and less expensive to get into than most motorsports.

The Rim Web Site will give you information about rallying in general as well as Rim of the World itself and some great photos you can download. Current information such as the latest schedule, entry list, worker bulletins, and competitor bulletins will be updated on a regular basis.
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